New Radio Stations!

We have been added to some awesome radio stations. Check out the heavy metal channel at a radio station near you. Thank you to the Akademia Awards, and Berkshire Media Group for this opportunity. #internet #radio #internetradio #heavymetal #bloodofangels#Hollywoodcollective #deathmetal #blackmetal #powermetal#vikingmetal 

KMIX Radio Los Angeles, California USA 

JXFM Radio Tokyo, Japan 

WNYR Radio New York, New York USA 

WMBR Radio Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

WCTR Radio Chicago, Illinois USA 

KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA 

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia 

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA 

WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom 

WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA

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