Album Progress! 

We are at the half-way point of completing our album "The Failure of Faith."  We have added some pics of the recording session.

New Interview on Ever Metal! 

Evening all. We have some new interview for you. 

This is our #EMQs interview. Huge thanks to them for the opportunity.

Curvy Metal Head Show Reaction Video! 

Blood of Angels 

Published by Aaron Robinson · 16 mins · 

Curvy Metal head Show did a awesome youtube reaction video of "Odin's Wrath." Here it the link to check it out, and check out the CurvyMetal show. Ameria does great work.

Curvy Metal Head Show Reaction Video

Back on The Grinder! 

We are back on The Grinder!  Thank you to Metal Moose for a fun interview.  I got the link posted below.

Blood of Angels Grinder Interview:

Sick and Destroy Interview! 

Our latest interview was released today in Sick and Destroy Magazine!  Thank you to everyone who has check it out.  Here is the link to check it out below.

New Interview on AEA Zine 

Check out the new interview with Autoerotic Asphyxia Zine.  We covered a lot of details regarding the new album, and our research our lyrics.

RIP Randy Rhodes 

Today it the 37th anniversary of a fallen hero to many in Rock and Metal Mr. Randy Rhodes! Without his influence I wouldn't have began my musical journey. After all these years I still find inspiration in his playing. RIP Randy Rhodes!

Blood of Angels 99.2FM in Sweden 

We are excited to be apart of Rock n Metal HBG-show on 99.2 FM Sweden This Saturday 7pm UTC 1pm est.  Check out the show online by clicking the link.



Here is where you can get all the latest news on Blood of Angels.


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