More Awesome Internet Radio Stations added Blood of Angels

We have just been added to some more awesome internet radio stations. Our reach continues to expand. Thank you so much for all your support! Here is a list of the new stations that have added us today. Click the link on the station nearest you, and check out the heavy metal channel.


Amp XR Radio Tampa, Florida USA 

Amp XR Radio Miami, Florida USA 

Amp XR Radio Atlanta, Georgia USA 

Amp XR Radio New Orleans, Louisiana USA 

Amp XR Radio Memphis, Tennessee USA 

WSTR Star100 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

WSTG Star100 Guadalajara, Mexico 

WSTP Star100 Panama City, Panama 

WSTS Star100 San Jose, Costa Rica 

WSTJ Star100 Kingston, Jamaica 

Funk XR Radio Paris, France 

Funk XR Radio Berlin, Germany 

Funk XR Radio Hamburg, Germany 

Funk XR Radio Vienna, Austria 

Funk XR Radio Bern, Switzerland

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